Saturday, 20 August 2016

Fashion Tips 101: How to Avoid Your Body Sweating Insanely in Summer

Frankly, I hate summer. Regardless that I had live in the tropical country for almost 27 years old does not change my point of view. Summer in my country (especially my beloved hometown) can be really stressful, not only because of insane heat but also because of the pollution that already polluted the city for quite some time. In this hottest season of the year, my body can be easily sweating all over. Which makes me really uncomfortable. That is why through this article I am going to share simple but useful fashion tips on how to keep your entire body cool even in the hottest summer.

Use white colored clothes

white clothes

This one is recommended. Maybe it is also why the most student from my country wearing white school uniform. Because students tend to move more active and they need clothes that cannot percolate hot air from the sun and prevent them from over sweating their body. The most color you must avoid on summer is black, because it will percolate the hot air from the sun.

Use maxi clothes

mxi dress

I suggest that you avoid thick and tight clothes like skinny jeans, skintight tank or mini short pants. This will only make you produce more sweat. Wear a maxi dress, loose shirt, canvas big pants or maybe tank top with material that can percolate hot air from the sun.

Pick the right fabric

baju kaos

This also important if you want to be cool all day in summer season. Carefully choose your clothes fabric before decide to wear it on summer. It is better to wear clothes with lightweight and cool fabrics such as cotton. Do not wear any clothes with flimsy fabric because it will definitely stick to your body if you are sweating a lot.

Avoid padded underwear


These fashion tips are definitely for the woman. Make sure you avoid padded underwear. Why? Because it will make you sweat faster and you will totally become uncomfortable while wearing your sweaty underwear. It is better to wear a bra with thin and soft fabric. It also a good thing if your underwear can percolate sweat.

I think that is all for now about my simple but useful fashion tips. I hope this tips can be really helpful for people like me, who wants to keep cool in the summer season.



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